Russian flags fly over 189 military units of Ukraine in Crimea

Russian flags raised in 189 Ukrainian military units stationed in the Crimea, informs the Russian Defence Ministry.

Ukrainian Navy command ship Slavutich raised the Russian flag on Saturday night. Now in Sevastopol there are no warships under the Ukrainian flag. Earlier, small antisubmarine ships "Ternopil" and "Khmelnitsky" missile boats and auxiliary vessels raised the Russian flag.

As Kharkov News Agency previously reported, People's Deputy of the Ukrainian parliament Oleg Lyashenko blamed the loss on the Ukrainian Navy on acting Defence Minister Igor Tenyukh and demanded a court-martial for him. Lyashenko is outraged by desertion to the Russian side of Slavutich corvette, the only Ukrainian submarine Zaporozhie and other ships in the Crimea.

About 2,000 Navy personnel out of 18,000 Ukrainian military stationed in Crimea decided to leave the peninsula.

Acting President Alexander Turchinov asked the strategic partners of military support. The US has recently said they might provide military aid to Ukraine.

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