Kharkov protesters demand referendum on April 27 (PHOTO)

Kharkov separatists held a rally demanding a referendum on a federal status of Ukraine. Several thousand people rallied holding flags of Russia, USSR, the Communist Party, the St. George’s colours, as well as posters “Referendum”, “NATO - no, EU - no”, “For Holy Russia and the Orthodox”, “Yanukovych bring order to Ukraine”, “We do not need Gayropa”, “No to Kiev junta”, “Our language - Russian”, chanting “Referendum”, “Russia”, “Kharkov - our city”.

The protesters observed a minute of silence for those killed in Rymarskaya St. on the night of March 14 to 15. The speakers say they do not recognize the Kiev authority and the appointed Governor Igor Baluta.

The rally resolution includes a number of demands, in particular to the Regional Council - to schedule a referendum for April 27, to abolish Presidential elections on May 25, to prohibit all fascist organizations in the country, to recognize the EU agreement as illegal. Protesters also demand the Party of Regions to repent of treason.

Around 13:00, the protesters moved towards Kharkov Regional State Administration. The police heavily guard the building; it is surrounded by about 300 police officers.

After a short picket outside the Regional Administration, the protesters moved down the Sumskaya Street towards Rymarskaya Street. They are chanting “Kharkov - Russian city”, “Right sector - to jail”. On Rymarskaya Street, a civil funeral has been planned in memory of those killed in the night of March 14 to 15.

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