“Right sector” nominates Yarosh to Presidential elections

Ukrainian ultra-nationalist “Right sector” turned into a party and nominated its leader Dmitry Yarosh to the post of Ukrainian President.

“Dmitry Yarosh, the party leader who would run for President, did not come out to the press. Other members of the party said that the “Right Sector” will participate in all elections in Ukraine - on presidential, parliamentary and local levels,” said the “Channel 5” TV news network.

Earlier, Russia authorities initiated a criminal case against Yarosh, accusing the Ukrainian ultranationalist leader of inciting terrorism and putting him on the international wanted list. Yarosh repeatedly and publicly called anti-Russian forces to extremist activities on the territory of the Russian Federation; in particular, he turned for support to Doku Umarov, leader of Chechen terrorists. A week ago, leader of the right-wing extremist groups Dmitry Yarosh promised to blow up the pipeline supplying Russian gas to Europe.

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