Dnepropetrovsk residents want Viktor Yanukovych back, to impose order (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Several hundred protesters demanded the legitimate president to return to his duties and to establish order in the country.

On March 22, opponents of the current regime gathered for a meeting “Yanukovych come back, kick the Nazis” near the Opera and Ballet Theatre.

“It is dangerous even to walk! People are severely beaten just for not respond to the call of “Glory to Ukraine”! Shots already heard in Kharkov and Donetsk regions, there are dead. Ukraine’s Security Service searches activists’ houses, accusing them of separatism. Fascistic organization “Right Sector” is bossing around; in Kiev, Maidan self-defence comes if you call the police,” rages on the statement.

At the end of the meeting, they asked the legitimate head of state to return to the country and to restore constitutional order.

“The people chose you, you have no right to betray it, even if your life is in danger,” said the protesters.

The meeting members also demanded a referendum on the federalization of Dnepropetrovsk region; next in plans is a creation of a Novorossia autonomous republic, to include the present-day Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa regions, say activists of the “Committee of Public Safety”.

Around 13:00, the protesters formed a column and went to the monument to Pushkin with slogans "Yanukovych, protect, Yanukovych, help", "Fascism will not pass", "Bandera - to Lviv", "Russia", “Kolomoysky - resign”. Column passed through the Ozerska central market. According to organizers, this route was chosen specifically to receive the support of shoppers who came to the market.

Arriving at the monument, protesters laid flowers and then read the verses of the poet, deciding against going to the Regional State Administrations.

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