The last draft: service in the Ukrainian army is voluntary from the morning

Today during the meeting with female Heroes of Ukraine the president Viktor Yanukovych has said that he signed a decree on the last draft to the armed forces.

"This morning I have signed the decree. There will be no drafts any more. Everything is detailed there, how the soldiers of involuntary service will be transferred to the reserve and how the soldiers will go to army this year," said the president.

"Now the level of arming of the Ukrainian army and the technologies, which are applied, have reached the level requiring involvement of the best of the best experts. Now we have the arms and technologies which require a very high professional level. Since the equipment is very complicated now the army needs to be professional and only those who strive for service and are attracted to military profession should be contracted to serve in the army," noted Yanukovych.

When commenting Yanukovych signing the decree on the draft, the presidential advisor Igor Kalinin expressed the opinion that "Yanukovych has fulfilled his election promise to Ukrainian people – the country has completely switched to the contract army".

The president of Ukraine has also mentioned that the draft to involuntary service in the internal troops is still preserved.

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