Yanukovych promised Ukrainians good roads and wages increase in 2014

The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has reported that the priorities of the Government of the country in 2014 are construction of roads in the cities and increase of pensions and wages.

The press service of the Head of the Sate quote the words of Yanukovych: “I am telling you unambiguously, the budget of 2014 is directed at social payments, which will not be reduced. The year 2014 will be difficult. We did not hope that it would be easy. But we can see from which sources the budget will be filled”.

The President did not clarify the sources of the budget filling he was talking about.

Viktor Yanukovych has also stated that the next year the roads in the cities instead of highways will be constructed in Ukraine.

"Today, people do not want to have highways as much as they want to have good roads in the cities. I want to dedicate the year 2014 to this issue," the guarantor said.

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