Pedophilia is not a crime; it is a sexual orientation

The above statement has recently been made by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). A new diagnostic reference book DSM - 5 with the modern version of this phenomenon was issued for the psychiatrists.

A new diagnostic reference book of the APA has become a best-seller as soon as it was published. This publication states that the American doctors have officially recognized the new sexual orientation “pedоphiliс”. In response to the outrage of the press and other states, the doctors had to explain their actions.

The explanations say that the orientation is not a diagnostic term that is why one should understand this statement as "sexual interest". They promised to correct this mistake in the e-version of the reference book DSM -5 and in its future republications.

However, in several US States there were first attempts to take advantage of the new approach to the diagnostics. Human rights organizations of California, Georgia and Iowa have already appealed against discriminatory laws of their States, which prohibit pedophiles to reside near the schools and city parks. The Professor of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality Milton Diamond from San Francisco called child pornography a benefit for the society because "the potential rapists use child pornography as a substitute of the sex with children".

According to the National Service for the protection of children from sexual harassment Childhelp, the number of reports of sexual harassment of children in the United States has dramatically increased. In the past twelve months, more than three million of such cases have been registered.

The new approach to pedophilia was first promulgated in Canada. Last year during the session in Parliament the Canadian psychologists stated that pedophilia is “such a sexual orientation as homosexuality or heterosexuality”. During the current session they considered a law about the sexual crimes against children. Only one Member of Parliament opposed the statement that pedophilia is "a sexual orientation".

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