The date of the premiere of the second "Alice in Wonderland" was announced

The Disney studio will present the audience the continuation of the hit movie "Alice in Wonderland" in May 2016.

James Bobin succeeded Tim Burton in the position of the producer of the sequel.

The stars of the movie of 2010 Mia Wasikowska and Johnny Depp will play in the movie again. оKinо.ua informs that the latter will again play the Hatter.

The author of the original screen version Linda Woolverton is working on the second part of the movie. The script details are kept secret. It is still not known whether the Queen of Hearts played by Helena Bonham Carter and the White Queen played by Anne Hathaway will appear in the movie.

Let us remind you that the screen version of the work by Carroll shot by Burton collected more than $ 1 billion during its run in the movie-theaters. The movie received two Oscar awards for the best costumes and for the best scenery.

In 2016 Disney will present another large-scale project - the new part of adventure sequel "Pirates of the Caribbean".

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