Russian passports for Crimea residents issued within 10 days

Within three months, residents of Crimea will get Russian passports. In Simferopol, four more offices were opened for the convenience of issuing the replacement passports. For residents of Crimea, the procedure of getting the Russian citizenship will be free.

The set of documents required for issuing Russian passports includes a photocopy of a Ukrainian passport, a birth certificate, marriage certificate, and four photographs. Russian passports will be issued within ten days.

Today, the queues were seen outside the Kiev District Council in Simferopol. About a hundred people came to be first to submit Ukrainian documents and get a ticket for receiving a Russian passport.

One of the first to switch to the Russian citizenship was Crimea’s PM Sergei Aksenov.

Crimeans have the opportunity to opt out of Russian citizenship, too. This must be done within one month.

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