Rep office of the Republic of Crimea set up in Moscow

Republic of Crimea opened a representative office in the capital of Russia, following the decision taken at the meeting of the State Council of the Republic on March 21.

Permanent Commission on Resorts and Tourism at Crimea State Council will supervise implementation of the draft resolution on the Crimea representation office in Moscow.

Head of the State Council Vladimir Konstantinov said that the country has always had a rep office in Moscow, reports the press service.

“In different periods, it either worked successfully or was idling. Then, it was liquidated. Now is the time to restore justice - to restore the Office of the Republic of Crimea,” said Vladimir Konstantinov.

According to the head of the State Council, the Office will have many functions.

“First and foremost, it's coordination of work with authorities of the Russian Federation,” said Vladimir Konstantinov.

On Monday, March 24, at the upper house of Russia’s Duma will hold a ceremony of adding the new flags of the Russian Federation - the Crimea and Sevastopol.

On Friday, March 21, extraordinary meeting of Federation Council ratified the agreement on Crimea’s secession to Russia and formation of the new subjects within the Russian Federation. Earlier, the State Duma approved the document.

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