To preserve Ukraine, decentralization is the only option - Shishatskiy (VIDEO)

Donetsk Regional Council appealed to Ukrainian parliament proposing a power decentralization reform; according to Andrei Shishatskiy, chairman of the Donetsk Regional Council this is the only way to retain Ukraine as a state, cites the official the Donbass TV channel.

He noted that to date, local authorities are much better in solving problems than the centre.

“We shouldn’t stay there begging,” said Shishatskiy speaking about solving such pressing problems of local residents as timely payment of pensions and salaries to state employees, subsidies for coal miners, maintaining proper roads and positive environmental situation, etc. Andrei Shishatskiy is sure that the region itself must determine the development priorities and be able to reallocate funds to improve the living standards.

Chairman of Donetsk Regional Council noted that the central government priorities are wrong, because “everyone is busy playing politics”. The problems of housing and communal services, road sector are not being solved; no one thinks about how to export the metal produced in Donetsk region.

Andrei Shishatskiy noted that with proper allocation of money and authority Donetsk region will be self-sufficient and prosperous. For this, at least 50% of income tax should remain in the region.

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