The Mayor of Zaporozhye left the city

The head of Zaporozhye Alexandr Sin left the city. According to official information, he took his vacation and will be in Georgia till March 24.

Alexandr Sin was elected the city mayor during elections on October 31, 2010, leaving behind his opponent from Party of Regions Vladimir Kaltsev. The turnout at elections was only 37.78%.

The conflict inside Party of Regions in Zaporozhye is considered to be one of the reasons for victory of A. Sin, another one is protest electorate who voted in favor of Sin not because they supported him, but because they were against of Kaltsev. As Party of Regions constituted the majority in the City Council (61 from 90 deputies), and the city mayor became the representative of the opposing party Batkivshchyna, the constructive dialog between branches of government was not expected. So, newly elected deputies of the City Council from Party of Regions delayed the inauguration as much as possible (Sin came into office the last among the mayors of the cities).

In the beginning of December Alexandr Sin left the party Batkivshchyna since he "considered that the city mayor had to represent the whole society, and not to work for the benefit of only one part of it." On December 17 the inauguration of Sin was held at the first session of the City Council, and the city mayor recommended the candidacy of his main opponent Vladimir Kaltsev for the post of the secretary of the City Council, which was supported by the majority of deputies. In March 2012 Alexander Sin became the member of Party of Regions.

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