The Deputy State Secretary of the USA met with the oligarch and governor Kolomoyskiy

In the framework of the meeting with Igor Kolomoyskiy Wendy Sherman told the journalists that America was pleased to support the new power, and Dnepropetrovsk region was the example, for which the whole Ukraine striven. According to the Regional Committee of Statistics, Dnepropetrovsk region became the leader in the increase of prices for components of the food basket.

In the meantime the subject of conversation of Igor Kolomoyskiy and Wendy Sherman remained a secret, as their conversation was held behind closed doors.

The new governor considers combat with corruption and privileges to be his priority areas of work. Several days ago Igor Kolomoyskiy provided 50% of military bases of the Southern Operations Command with fuel at his own expense: when Kiev ordered to set off to exercises, it was discovered that tanks of military machinery were empty. It was previously informed that Igor Kolomoyskiy put his bank in Moscow on sale.

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