Fighters of the Right Sector surrendered their masks to the police, but kept the helmets and bats for "self-defense"

Nationalists of Dnepropetrovsk in the framework of the special operation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on March 21 surrendered 4 masks to the police. Fighters left helmets and bats for "self-defense".

Previously the police reported that representatives of the "public organizations" will surrender "helmets, masks, handles from shovels and other things that they previously used in mass activities." However, representatives of the Right Sector stated that they were ordered to surrender the police only masks, and the rest of the things they will leave "for self-defense, protection of Ukraine and ordinary citizens."

Several days ago the deputy governor Boris Filatov declared that law enforcement authorities of the city and of the region would detain people with masked faces and "objects, which are adapted to cause bodily harm" until the circumstances are clarified, and announced about a truce between "right" and "left" forces.

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