Armed fighters of the Right Sector blocked the work of the gully Srednyya in Zaporozhe

People wearing masks and camouflage do not let workers enter the territory of the company and threaten to shoot at their legs.

"Zavodskoy department of the police received information that 40 people, who introduced themselves as representatives of the Right Sector, blocked the work of the industrial waste discharge of Zaporozhstal. The crime scene investigation team and leaders of the police went to the place of the incident," the press-service of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs informed.

Now the crime scene investigation team, representatives of the prosecutor's office, including the prosecutor of Zaporozhe region Alexandr Shatskii, work on the place of the incident. Journalists are not allowed to the place of the incident.

"No one seized anything. They just blocked taking the metal away from the territory," Alexandr Shatskii commented on the situation in the industrial waste discharge.

The gully Srednyya of Zaporozhe that is notorious for bloody shoot-outs, which is under control of the criminal world during last decades, is the place, where such metallurgical giants as Zaporozhstal, Dneprospetsstal, Zaporozhkoks and the ferroalloy plant empty their waste. Earlier the gully belonged to these enterprises, which carried out mine workings here. According to some data, 40 - 300 million tons of metal is accumulated on 230 hectares of the gully. According to operations data of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime, the monthly illegal income from waste recycling reaches up to 5 million dollars.

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