Yatsenyk: Kiev will not stop to supply water and electricity to the Crimea

On Thursday in his interview to the news agency Reuters Arseniy Yatsenyk, who attended the EPP summit in Brussels, stated that Kiev was not going to stop supplying water and electricity to the Crimea.

"We are not going to stop the supply, but Russia will have to pay for it," he said.

According to ITAR-TASS, in his turn, talking about the Ukrainian economy, Yatsenyk noted that GDP may fall in the current year by 3%. Yatsenyk considers that Ukraine is unlikely to be accepted to the NATO.

"Even if we would ask, they would not agree to it," he stated, adding that he "remembers the situation in 2008."  Yatsenyk was speaking about the NATO summit in Bucharest in 2008, at which the decision about the possible future membership of Ukraine in the alliance was not adopted. "We missed our chance in 2008," he said.

After the summit of the European People's Party in Brussels, Arseniy Yatsenyk told reporters that Ukraine will be ready to sign the economic part of the association agreement with the EU after extraordinary presidential elections in the country, which are scheduled on May 25, 2014.

According to him, signing of the political part of the agreement is scheduled on March 21. It will be a "recognition de facto that Ukraine becomes the part of the joint European space," Yatsenyk noted. He believes that "this is one of the most important first steps to acquire membership of Ukraine in the EU in future."

Simultaneously the president of the European Parliament Martin Schulz stated at the press conference in Brussels that Ukraine should not hope for the soon membership in the EU. The most important now is to receive financial assistance.

"I do not think that this is real, I do not believe that Ukraine will soon join the EU, I do not think that we should promise in this regard, we are talking about the long-term perspective, and I do not think that this is the thing that Ukraine needs at this moment. What Ukraine needs is the assistance in the short term perspective," Martin Schulz stated at the press conference.

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