Kiev Court of Appeals leaves Kharkov Governor under house arrest

Kiev Court of Appeals denied the former governor of Kharkov region Mikhail Dobkin in his appeal on measure of restraint. According to the court decision, Dobkin remains under house arrest. The ex-Governor said that criminal case against him is political and he intends to prove his innocence in court.

Mikhail Dobkin is currently placed under house arrest in his apartment in Kiev. Kiev authorities suspect the ex-governor of Kharkov in violation of territorial integrity of Ukraine. As previously reported, the General Prosecutor's Office began respective investigation in connection with Dobkin’s speech on February 12 in Kharkov at the roundtable “Socio-economic and political processes in the post-crisis Ukraine”. Mikhail Dobkin in his speech talked about federalization of Ukraine as one of the options to preserve the integrity and indivisibility of the state.

After the arrest, Dobkin wrote in his Twitter blog that he “does not change the views and living principles. Plans, neither. I will run for President while arrested.”

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