Russian Orthodox Church: Issues between the brotherly peoples should not be solved “by weapons”

Yesterday, March 19, Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church held a meeting in Moscow, where the members also discussed the situation in Crimea. The meeting was chaired by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill.

According to, the meeting members issued a statement reflecting the opinion of the Holy Synod of the situation that prevailed now in the Crimea. In particular, clerics emphasised that “in relations between the two brotherly peoples of Russia and Ukraine there should be no issues solved at the gunpoint, against the will of the people.”

Also, the Holy Synod decided at this historic for the Crimea moment “to raise a fervent prayer to the Lord, so never does brotherly blood spill on the Crimean land,” and so that representatives of all nationalities living in Crimea, always reside in peace, goodness and harmony.

“To testify that the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), encompassing peoples of Russia and Ukraine, driven by pastoral responsibility, is ready to do all it can to restore the brotherly and neighbourly, mutually respectful relations between Russia and Ukraine,” stressed the ROC.

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