Kiev renovates the Dinamo stadium

Dinamo FC initiates the restoration of the home stadium. Quite recently, the place was dotted with explosions and burning car tires. The ticket desks have broken windows, the walls burned down to the brick. Now, at the entrance to the Dinamo stadium a passer-by would hear the sound of hammers and grinders.

It is far from easy to return facade to its previous state. Even multiple layers of finish paint cannot conceal the traces of soot. “Even in the war, the football arena was not so affected as now. It should have stood for another ten years,” complains the local worker Eugeniy Fedchenko.

This year, the Dinamo stadium turns 80. First fans entered the stands back in 1934. At the time, it was the main sports arena in Kiev: covered stands, 23,000 seats, and new dressing rooms. The stadium survived the war almost intact. There were football matches here even during the WWII.

Now, the repairs will take many days. There are no delays with deliveries of materials - tools, materials, hired workers are covered by Dinamo FC.

“When the tension eased, Dinamo Kiev FC has negotiated with the Maidan activists to move the barricade 5-7 meters away. This way, the trucks can get in, deliver everything needed,” said vice-president of Dinamo FC Alexei Semenenko.

“It's painful to watch, what has become of the legendary stadium,” says Yuri, a fan of Dinamo, who volunteered to help with repair.

The repairs should be completed by Easter. Already by mid-April, the columns should sparkle with white - however, the workers do not guarantee the durability of this beauty; after all, the whole surrounding area is still covered with soot. If the wind rises, the soot would instantly settle on the white finish of the facade.

The football club promises that the surrounding area will soon be cleaned, too. So far, their main headache is how to make a temporary corridor through the barricades - for the fans.

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