State Border Guard Service: Russia resumes flow of Ukrainian goods through the border

Transport flow of Russia-bound vehicles with Ukrainian goods via the Ukrainian-Russian border has been resumed, reports the State Border Service.

“The flow of trucks bound for Russia with domestic goods through the Russian-Ukrainian border is resumed,” states the SBGS press-service.

According to SBGS, on the night of March 20, Russia’s supervisory authorities suspended registration of vehicles with Ukrainian cargo of Ukrainian number plates in the Russian border crossing points “Goptovka”, “Pletenovka”, “Chugunovka”, “Peski” (Kharkov region). Thus, 40 trucks were disallowed Russian entry at the “Goptovka” BCP. On the morning of March 20, over 130 trucks queued at the BCP waiting for clearance to enter the Russian Federation. Kharkov Regional State Administration, regional police department, the Security Service and the Prosecutor's Office were informed of the situation.

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