In Crimea, authorities issue Russian Federation fast-track

In Crimea, authorities issue Russian Federation fast-track

Crimea authorities begin receiving documents for the issuance of Russian passports. Federal Migration Service points are full of really excited people.

“All Crimea residents who applied to the Federal Migration Service will receive passports because from yesterday they are citizens of the Russian Federation,” said Konstantin Romodanovskiy, head of the FMS of Russia.

In Yalta, Sevastopol and other Crimean cities, representatives of local authorities, officials and business leaders were the first to receive the passport of the Russian Federation. Most of them have already submitted the necessary documents.

Passports will be ready in maximum two weeks. The applicants must provide a certain list of documents, including two photos 3x4, birth certificate, Ukrainian passport, house register or a house office certificate, marriage certificate.

According to FMS representatives, starting from today the applicants do not have to pay stamp duty of RUR 200 ($6). And those who have already paid stamp duty will be able to get the money back by contacting the FMS office. Reception of documents is carried out throughout the working week.

Russia’s Consul General Vyacheslav Svetlichny noted that each resident of the Crimea must decide within a month about the citizenship. To opt out of receiving Russian passport, a person should also get in touch with the local Department of Migration Service. Obviously, the speed of issuance will grow with each passing day.

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