Lugansk authorities to remove the “Lugansk Guard” tent city

Michael Bolotskih, head of Lugansk Regional State Administration, said that soon the “Lugansk Guard” tent city on the central square of the city would be removed. Members of the “Lugansk guard” inform of repressions faced by the members of the organization.

According to Mr Bolotskih, in the next few days, the organizers of the tent city will come to the square to clean up the area.

“We have always opposed the power methods of resolving political conflicts and call upon everyone to do the same,” said the head of Lugansk Regional State Administration.

The tent city appeared in early March, together with the start of “Russian Spring” rally.

Meanwhile, on March 20, the blog of the “Lugansk Guard” published a text about repressions faced by members of the Lugansk organization. According to the text, “on March 13, People's Governor of Lugansk Alexander Kharitonov was detained by unknown in black uniforms (obviously SBU) and taken to Kiev. Other leaders of the “Lugansk Guard” were subjected to repression - coordinator Maxim Kachur sentenced to 60 days of house arrest, Herman Prokopiv got a criminal case “for insulting the state symbols” (he participated in the removal of Ukrainian flag with from the Region’s State Administration), Anastasia Pyaterikova under threat of arrest was forced to flee to Russia.”

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