Graduates of Crimea schools can continue education in Russia’s universities

On March 20, Natalia Goncharova, Minister of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Crimea outlined the procedure for Crimean graduates wanting to enter universities in Ukraine and Russia.

According to Natalia Goncharova, each school-leaver (there are about 15,000 in all) would get grades obtained during the study period.

“The exams would be held as usual: the language of education exam (though those who were taught in the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar languages can use their right to take the exam in Russian language), as well as two exams on subjects chosen from the list provided by the Ministry of Education Culture and Sports of the Republic of Crimea,” said the minister.

Natalia Goncharova noted that final exams would be held from May 23 to 25. Upon completion of education, the graduates will get the state certificates already this year.

The minister also said that there is a small percentage of children who want to continue their education in Ukrainian universities.

“They are preparing for this. For these graduates, we are planning to create a profile centre, where they will get external independent evaluation of their knowledge,” said Natalia Goncharova.

The authorities also addressing issues about issuance of Ukrainian certificates.

“The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Crimea does everything for children to get the Ukrainian documents and so far we have no negative response from Ukraine,” said Natalia Goncharova.

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