Passenger fares in fixed-route taxi will increase starting with April 1

Since April 1 passenger fares in fixed-route taxi of Odessa will be raised up to 3.5 UAH, and in prospect up to 4 UAH.

Yesterday, on March 19, several private carriers submitted a letter to the acting mayor Oleg Bryndak, which informs about unprofitability of passenger transport in Odessa.

Carriers Severtrans, Tourist, Virazh, ATP Kinostudii, High-Speed Bus Routes, ATP 15106, Star Trans and Avtorukh Service stated that due to the growth of prices for fuel since 2011 by 40% (it was then when passenger fares changed last time) urban routes became unprofitable; therefore, they will increase passenger fares. Representatives of the business reminded that various kinds of talks, discussions and agreements of change of passenger fares in fixed-route taxi were held for more than two years.

According to the relevant regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers, private carriers have the right to establish passenger fares in buses that work in the mode of fixed-route taxi independently. At the same time, according to contracts regarding service of routes in the mode of fixed-route taxi, concluded by carriers with Odessa municipal department of transportation and communication, change of passenger fares may be done only with the concurrence of city authorities.

Currently, more than 1,500 buses serve urban routes of Odessa, 1,400 of which are fixed-route taxi. The option of compensation for losses from the state or local budget is possible only in case of work on the routes in normal mode. But it is rather an exception. The majority of the routs are rather long (12-15 km) with low replacement of passengers (routes from the center of the city to the settlement Kotovskogo) or large length (over 20 km) with a high replacement of passengers (routes from residential community Kotovskogo to the residential community Tairova throughout the whole city). And they do not receive compensation.

De facto there is no municipal bus carrier in Odessa. The communal company Auto-Service does not have its own bus fleet and rents buses from private owners. The only alternative to private bus carriers and their fixed-route taxi is electric transport that daily provides up to 120 trams and up to 100 trolleybuses.

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