Supporters of the referendum picketed Kharkov Regional Council

Supporters of the referendum picketed Kharkov Regional Council

On March 20 a number of public organizations picketed the building of the Regional Council with the requirement to hold a referendum in Kharkov. Several hundred people participated in the picket, they held banners "For the referendum," "Kharkov is for the Customs Union," "Customs Union will revive the industry of Kharkov."

Organizers informed that they intended to require the Regional Council to gather the extraordinary session and to schedule the referendum. Protesters tried to meet with the chairman of the Regional Council Sergey Chernov, but the official was on a business trip.

On March 22 - 23 mass rallies with the same requirements will be held in Kharkov on the central square. It is also planned to hold the picket near the office of Party of Regions, which has the biggest faction in the Regional Council.

The people's assembly and the referendum regarding federalization of Kharkov and language sovereignty in the region were held in Kharkov on Square of Freedom on March 16.  People that gathered there chanted "Kharkov," "Russia," "Referendum." Speakers made very rigid speeches about the compromising position of the city authorities and demanded to ban neo-fascist organizations on the territory of the region.

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