Donbass is seeking freedom

On March 20 the press-conference under the title "Rebel Donbass" was held in the framework of the marathon "The Crimea is the South-East, the South-East is the Crimea" with participation of the leader of the "People's Militia" Alexandr Matyshin in the information center "The Crimean Front".  He talked to journalists via Skype from Donetsk.

"We are ready to work on ourselves, on our region," Alexander Matyshin stated. "We look at the Crimea and follow its example. For the moment we do not have a definite leader, as Sergey Aksenov or Vladimir Konstantinov in the Crimea. But people of Donbass strive for freedom, deliverance from the Kiev oppression, improvement of their well-being and for the peaceful life. But, if to discuss more specific actions, we want to hold a national referendum and, probably, the subsequent annexation to Russia.

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