Mikolaenko: deputies of the Party of Regions prepare the "Crimean scenario" for Kherson

The acting mayor of Kherson Vladimir Mikolaenko stated that deputies of the City Council from Party of Regions are preparing the "Crimean scenario" for Kherson region. He noted that deputies were going to hold a referendum, similar to the one held in the Crimea and raise the question of withdrawal of Kherson region from composition of Ukraine and accession to Russia at the session of the council.

On March 16 96.77% of the inhabitants of the Crimea supported accession of the peninsula to the composition of Russia at the referendum in the Crimea.  And on March 18 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and authorities of the Crimea signed an agreement on accession of the peninsula the Russian Federation.

According to Mikolaenko, he will not allow to consider the proposal of the referendum in the course of the session. "If law enforcement authorities will not respond to the speech with the proposal to hold the referendum, then I will personally arrest that deputy. I have such a constitutional right," he said.

The General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine suspects the deputy of Party of Regions Vladimir Saldo in Russian oriented propaganda.

The news agency Kharkov has previously reported that arrests of activists of rallies Russian Spring are carried out throughout the entire south-east of Ukraine: in Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa... The Security Service of Ukraine summons people for interrogations.  Yesterday one of the leaders of the "Donetsk republic" Andrey Purgin, the active participant of rallies and attacks of administrative buildings in Donetsk was arrested. He is accused in separatism.

Previously, on March 6 the "people's governor" Pavel Gubarev was arrested. He is accused in organization of mass disturbances. Rallies of thousands of people Russian Spring were held in Donetsk after the arrest of Gubarev. City dwellers demanded to hold the referendum, to give Russian language the status of the state language and to release their leader. Now arrests are carried out in Donetsk and throughout the entire south-eastern part of the country.

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