The Right Sector is not satisfied with the article about it in Wikipedia

Representatives of the Right Sector via the social network VKontakte addressed their supporters, who have access to editing articles in Wikipedia in English, with the appeal to amend the article about the Right Sector. Ukrainian nationalists did not like that their organization was described as the bearer of fascist views in the international Internet encyclopedia.

As one can see the English log of Wikipedia dated March 17, the Right Sector was described as a party with practically fascist or neofascist ideology. According to Reuters, 174 attempts to change the contents of the page in Wikipedia, devoted to the Right Sector, were made on March 18.  Herewith, uncomplimentary for the Right Sector characteristics were substituted by such definitions as "the organization for the protection of demonstrators," "the youth patriotic organization," etc.

After this attack administrators of Wikipedia blocked access to editing of this page. For today the English page of Wikipedia about the Right Sector says that this organization "is described by major western mass media as the organization of extreme right or neofascist views."

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