The ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine criticized the Russian media, particularly channel Rossiya

The director of the information policy department of the ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine Eugene Perebiynis has said that the Russian television presenter has "no clue about journalism".

"The stories about Ukraine shown on the Russian TV channel Rossiya-1 are unprofessional and biased. These stories, in my understanding, are not related to journalism. They are a strange mix of truth and half-truth, while the tonality and vocabulary of the presenter create the impression of him as a low-grade international political analyst. It is especially pitiful that this happens on the national channel, which to the contrary should be an example of reason and professionalism," said Perebiynis.

This statement of the Ukrainian ministry of foreign affairs was caused by a recent broadcast on Rossiya channel of the story, in which the journalist Dmitry Kiselev had forecasted big problems to Ukraine in the nearest future. Kiselev thinks that Ukraine will strongly regret signing the agreement with the EU because the authorities of the country have already switched to promissory note payment scheme and turned on the printing press to cover the budget deficit, which will lead to a sharp devaluation of hryvna and growth of the price level. Earlier Kiselev has threatened the president of Ukraine with the consequences of releasing Tymoshenko and said that Yanukovich's "things are rotten".

On October 21 the chairman of the parliamentary committee on the issues of the freedom of speech and information and the people's deputy from Batkivschina faction Nikolay Tomenko demanded from the ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine to publicly respond to "openly boorish" TV stories of the Russian channels regarding Ukraine.

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