Ukraine triples the number of border guards in Kharkov region

The number of Kharkov region border guards has been tripled, said at today’s press conference, Igor Baluta, chairman of Kharkov Regional State Administration.

“At the moment the number of border patrol personnel increased threefold. Kharkov region completed on time all necessary measures to reinforce state border protection. Ministry of Defense has no complaints to our region,” said Igor Baluta.

The flow of people and goods through the Ukrainian-Russian border has been significantly reduced, added Vasily Homa, Deputy Chairman and Chief of Staff of Kharkov Regional State Administration. “For the two past weeks, more than 3,500 citizens of Russia were disallowed entry to Ukraine via Ukrainian-Russian border. At Kharkov segment, border guards were sending back approximately 100-130 people a day. These individuals tried to smuggle to the territory of Ukraine prohibited items, including uniforms, special equipment, parts of weapons. Currently the border and Border Protection Service operate in normal mode,” said Vasily Homa.

Earlier, First Deputy Chief of the State Border Service Pavel Shisholin reported that since March 3, Ukraine turned back about 16 journalists, “whose presence on the territory of Ukraine is undesirable”.

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