Ukraine to introduce visa regime with Russia

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry instructed to introduce a visa regime with Russia, said Secretary of the National Security Council Andrey Parubiy.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been entrusted to introduce a visa regime with the Russian Federation,” said Parubiy at a briefing following the meeting of the National Security Council. The NSC Secretary noted that the framework of visa restrictions for the Russians would be developed and introduced in the near future.

“Russia shouldn’t leave unanswered Kiev’s decision to introduce visas for Russians, if it were formally adopted, and to provide, for example, visa regime for the new Ukrainian authorities,” said Alexander Torshin, First Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council, in an interview with RIA Novosti. “I believe that the decision to introduce visas shows the panic prevailing in the top levels of the new Ukrainian leadership as it is difficult to imagine a decision that would be more unpopular among the Ukrainian people,” said Torshin.

According to the Federal Migration Service of Russia, last year 3.3 million Ukrainians visited Russia, including 2.9 million - for work. Our migrant workers earned in Russia over the past year about $30 billion. Today, there are about 1.6 million Ukrainians in Russia, says the Federal Migration Service.

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