Czech Republic will provide assistance in repatriation of compatriots residing in Ukraine

According to the Czech news agency CTK with the reference to the chair of the Parliament of Czech Republic Jan Hamáček, Czech government plans to assist in repatriation of Czechs, residing at the territory of Ukraine.

According to him, by the order of the premiere of the state Bohuslav Sobotka a draft plan of return of "Ukrainian" Czechs to their ethnic homeland will be prepared in the nearest time.

"Mr. Prime Minister is ready to instruct the Minister of the Internal Affairs and, perhaps, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, to take over this issue and to prepare a draft of the specific decision in order that Czech Republic could help our compatriots in Ukraine," Jan Hamáček informed.

The government of the Czech Republic made such a decision after the appeal of the chairwoman of the Society of Volhynia Czechs in Zhitomir region of Ukraine Emma Snidevich, who declared the desire of Volhynia Czechs to return to their historic homeland. Currently almost 40 families formally appealed the government of Czech Republic with the request of repatriation.

"We are afraid for our lives, our families, our sons. The situation is worsening every day. Every day something is happening, we have no one to address. There are bandits, who say "we are from self-defense," the police does nothing," Snidevich said.



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