Two persons, detained in Rymarskaya Street in Kharkov, are suspected of shooting

The department of public relations of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) in Kharkov region informed that two people, detained by the police at night of March 15 in Kharkov, were declared suspects in the case of shooting in Rymarskaya Street 18.

"As for other previously detained persons, the check up of their involvement in commission of crimes or other wrongful acts on the territory of Kharkov and other regions of Ukraine is carried out," the message of the department stated.

The directorate also noted that detainees have no claims regarding actions of law enforcement officers and all of them cooperate actively with investigative bodies.

At night of March 15 there was a clash between citizens, who opposed escalation of nationalism, and members of the Right Sector in Rymarskaya Street. Nationalists, who barricaded themselves in the building located in Rymarskaya Street 18, began to shoot back at the infuriated crowd. As a result, two people died and five people were wounded. The police detained 38 people, 27 of them were arrested.

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