5 UAH are asked to be donated to the Ukrainian army

The social video with a request to transfer funds for maintenance of the army appeared on the web site of the Council of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine (SNBO). Citizens are asked to transfer 5 UAH for maintenance of the army via SMS to the number 565.

"The Armed Forces of Ukraine have only tactics and fighting spirit. We put all armed forces on war footing in accordance with the plan of manoeuvres. But statistics is deplorable," the head of the Ministry of Defense Igor Tenykh noted during his speech in Verkhovna Rada.

According to the Minister, out of 41,000 soldiers of the land forces only 6,000 soldiers turned out to be ready.

Tenykh also appealed to deputies with the request to allocate the army funds for the purchase of arms and to change the law on procurement and tender procedures.

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