The first artificial heart in the world stopped

According to Radio Freedom, as was informed on March 19 by the French professor Alain Carpentier, the creator of the bioprosthetic heart, the first in world holder of the artificial heart was killed by a short circuit. 76-year-old Claude Dannie from Normandy died on March 5. He lived with the first artificial heart in the world for four months.

The death happened due to a sudden stop of the apparatus as a result of the short circuit. "A short circuit happened which caused the stop of the apparatus that was identical to the stop of the live heart. Now we work on understanding the essence of this problem related to electronics," the professor stated.

According to him, the death of the patient was not caused by worsening of the overall state of his health. At the same time, the scientist stressed that cutting-edge biomaterials that were used in production of the apparatus were also not the reason of the death, and it was the problem of technical nature.

The first artificial heart in the world was transplanted in December 2013; the first in the world transplantation of the artificial heart working fully autonomous was held in France.  A 76-year old French patient was implanted the artificial heart, when he was in a terminal state. After the operation doctors assessed his state as "stable", the patient even began to talk and eat. He lived 75 days.

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