Ukraine addressed UN with request to demilitarize Crimea

Andrey Parubiy, the Secretary of National Security and Defense of Ukraine, insists on the demilitarization of the Crimea. The announcement of the Crimea perimeter means the withdrawal of both Russian and Ukrainian military.

«We sent an appeal to the UN to proclaim Crimea a demilitarized zone. Today this is the best solution to prevent the escalation of conflict in the Crimea», was summed up by Parubiy.

The Secretary of SSU is planning to withdraw the Ukrainian fighters and their families from Crimea. Parubiy noted that in Ukraine the housing allowance is 25 thousand units, so that military personnel and their families will be placed.

Note that the suggestion of withdrawal the military entered immediately after the news about yesterday's incident in Simferopol, when both a member of the Crimean-defense and Ukrainian military were shot. The headquarters for military families was established and is located on the territory of the Autonomous Republic.

As you know, yesterday, on March 18, in the Kuban street in Simferopol the soldiers fired. Two soldiers were killed, two - injured.

«Both Crimean Self-defense and Ukrainian military suffered loss. A similar practice was applied during Euromaidan in Kyiv when the police and the protesters were shot. It is not excluded that provocation was planned. Shooting was on the day of signing the agreement on the reunification of Crimea with Russia, probably, within the aim to destabilize the situation in the city», was explained by the Ministry of internal Affairs of Crimea.

Meanwhile, the media reported that a sniper in the Kubanskaya street was detained. According to unofficial data, the offender - the 17-year military from Lviv region. Within that incident the Ministry of defense of Ukraine allowed soldiers to use weapons.

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