The Supreme Administrative Court refused to verify the legitimacy of Turchinov presidency

The Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine closed the proceedings on the legality of assigning Presidential functions to Verkhovna Rada Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov. The decision has been made by a panel of judges chaired by Mikhail Zaytsev.

The court decided to close the proceedings as disputes about the legality of parliamentary acts must be considered within the framework of constitutional judicature.

The claimant, lawyer Vladimir Olentsevich from Donetsk, has previously filed a successful suit on repealing a decree on awarding Stepan Bandera with the title of Hero of Ukraine.

Vladimir Olentsevich said that the legitimate president of Ukraine is Viktor Yanukovych and the Ukrainian parliament should therefore send the laws it approves to Rostov-on-Don for Yanukovych signature.

Olentsevich also noted that he would not appeal the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court and will not file a submission to the Constitutional Court, as he has no authority to do so.

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