Arms are blocked in Artemovsky district of Donetsk region (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A group of Cossacks blocks the exit from the Volodarsky’s salt mine in Paraskovievka village (Artemovskiy district, Donetsk region); the mine is the warehouse of military-grade weapons. The Cossacks say, they are concerned that the weapons could fall into the hands of the “Right Sector”.

The activists set up a tent established a tent camp and field kitchen near the warehouse, brought the car tyres. There is information that there are about 50 people in the camp. At the entrance to the village, there is a road checkpoint with the Russian tricolour, tent and tyres.

Deputy Commander Lt. Col. Eduard Lebedenko said that weapons are intended only for the Ukrainian army soldiers and in no way can be transferred to third parties.

Military have been put on alert. Negotiations between the picketers and the military did not lead to a compromise; however, the two sides shook hands and promised not to take any destabilizing action.

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