Ministry of labor will raise pensions in Crimea to Russian level

Russian President Vladimir Putin set the Ministry of labor and social protection of the Russian Federation with a task to increase pensions to the residents of the Crimea to Russia, and as soon as possible.


«Now the primary task is to ensure timely payment of pensions, scholarships and salaries to Crimeans,» the President addressed to the Minister of labour Maxim Topilin.


«How you’ll do that is your problem. Together with the State Duma deputies think through the issue and make it. And do not delay, do it as soon as possible,» the President stated. Putin stressed that the residents of the Crimea must have the same right of getting high pensions as the Russians.


The Labor Minister gave the President the report on the preparation of the necessary payment documents for uninterrupted funding of pension payments in the coming months. It reported that, according to the Ministry, 677 thousand pensioners (559 thousand - in the Crimea and 117,000 in Sevastopol) live in Crimea and city of Sevastopol.


«The average pension in Crimea is 5570 rubles, in Sevastopol - 6200 rubles, that is almost twice lower than in the Russian Federation», Topilin said.


The meeting of President Vladimir Putin with members of the government of the Russian Federation, on discussion the pension provision, was held on March 19, 2014.


«In Crimea all is well,» Nikolai Bariluk, the Chairman of the Bank of the Crimea, commented the current situation. «The system of pensions, scholarships and wages payment is under control. For today the Crimean government and the Bank of Crimea take measures to ensure that there are no delays in payments».

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