Ukraine refused from the presidency of the CIS

The director of the department of information policy of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Evgeniy Perebiynis declared that Ukraine suspended its presidency in the CIS. The corresponding notice will be sent to authorities of the Commonwealth today, on March 19.

The current Kiev authorities consider that member-countries of the CIS do not comply with the terms of the agreement, signed during the establishment of the Commonwealth, and "functioning of the organization transformed into defending interests of its individual members, including Russia."

On March 14 a bill on the denunciation of the agreement about establishing the Commonwealth was registered in the Verkhovna Rada. This document was submitted by the deputy from the group Batkivshchyna, the ex-head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Boris Tarasyk.

The presidency of Ukraine in the CIS began on January 1, 2014. The term of the presidency in the CIS is one calendar year.

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