The deputy of Svoboda Miroshnichenko denies beating the head of the National Television Company of Ukraine

The people's deputy Igor Miroshnichenko stated that deputies of Svoboda denied beating of the head of the National Television Company of Ukraine (NTKU) Alexandr Panteleimonov and were not going to return their mandates.

The member of the party Svoboda Igor Miroshnichenko stated that neither he nor his colleagues applied physical force towards the acting head of the NTKU Alexandr Panteleimonov.

"Perhaps, we talked to him in an incorrect form and apologize for this - we worked emotionally, forced him to write this resignation. But there were no beatings, which journalists wrote about," Miroshnichenko stated at the briefing on March 19.

According to Miroshnichenko, they told Panteleimonov "everything they thought about him," and after he signed a letter of resignation "he was let go." "Then Panteleimonov freely drove wherever he wanted," the deputy concluded.

Miroshnichenko believes that Panteleimonov has no right to head the state television of Ukraine, because he "serves to Putin and Russian propaganda," and everything broadcast by the First National Channel "could not be called otherwise than a live sabbat" (Miroshnichenko meant broadcast of the festive events, that took place in Russian and Crimean cities, in connection with accession of the peninsula to the Russian Federation).

Miroshnichenko argued that people's deputies of the group Svoboda, who participated in the incident with the acting director of the NTKU Alexandr Panteleimonov, did not intend to return their deputies mandates for that moment, but assured that they would not use them during the investigation.

The news agency Kharkov has previously reported that Alexandr Panteleimonov was forced to write a letter of resignation under the pressure of the "delegation" of deputies Svoboda headed by Igor Miroshnichenko.  People's deputies broke into the NTKU, accused Panteleimonov in lies during covering the events of Euromaidan and the Crimean topic, humiliated and threatened him.

The "incorrect form of conversation" as understood by Miroshnichenko is demonstrated in the story.

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