The auto rally Chita - Magadan - Sevastopol will start on July 10

The start of the auto rally Chita - Magadan - Sevastopol named "From the Sea to the Sea" that will start in Chita, Trans-Baikal Krai is scheduled for July 10. The auto rally was initiated by the Chita auto club of fans of outlanders called Diversionist. According to the founder of the club Semen Shifrin, local motorists will join the auto rally in different regions, which will move throughout the entire Russia.

The journey will be a symbol of unity of Russia and the Crimea; it is planned to bring water from the Sea of Okhotsk, from the great Siberian rivers and Lake Baikal to the Crimea.  The auto race will finish in Sevastopol on August 22, on the day of the Russian flag.

Prior to the auto rally the spring trip to the coast of the Black Sea is planned, in the course of which residents of Chita will present residents of the Crimea with two trucks Guran produced in Trans-Baikal Krai and gifts for children of the orphanage. This idea was supported by authorities of Trans-Baikal Krai and the regional office of the Union of Machine Builders of Russia.

Previously the governor of Trans-Baikal Krai Konstantin Ilkovskiy stated that the region was ready to negotiate with air carriers and to organize affordable air communication with the Crimea during the tourist season.

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