Journalists of Kharkov call to deprive deputies of Svoboda their inviolability

Journalists of Kharkov mass media - the media group The Objective and of the TV channel Simon demand to deprive some people's deputies from Svoboda their the inviolability of a deputy for their actions in relation to the acting head of the National Television Company of Ukraine Alexander Panteleimonov. In addition, journalists announce information boycott to Svoboda and call on their colleagues to do the same.

"We are convinced that such wickedness have no justification in a democratic and free Ukraine. In this regard we demand immediate public apology from participants of yesterday's attack.  We appeal to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with the requirement for immediate consideration of the question of deprivation of inviolability of a deputy of persons who took part in this disgraceful and criminal incident. We appeal to the leadership of the law enforcement bodies with a requirement to carry out a maximum possible investigation and to pass the case to court. From our side we announce a total information boycott in respect of all representatives of Svoboda and call on all our colleagues to join it," the joint statement of the media group The Objective and the TV channel Simon says.

On March 18 representatives of Svoboda, among which were Igor Miroshnichenko, Andrey Ilenko and Bogdan Benyk, forced Alexandr Panteleimonov  to write a letter of resignation for the allegedly untruthful coverage of events on Maidan.

The Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyk and the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov condemned actions of representatives of Svoboda.

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