Jewelery inspired by Picasso drawings fetches $400,000

Three silver jewelery pieces made in the 1950s based on sketches by the Spanish painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso sold for $386,000 at the event organized by Skinner Auctions auction house in Boston, Massachusetts on Tuesday.

This was reported by the official representatives of the trading house.

One of the top lots of the auction ($153,000, almost eight times up on the initial value) was a pendant called “Satyr”, made in the shape of the head of a mythical creature, reports own correspondent of ITAR-TASS news agency.

Another piece called “The Sun” - a round flat medallion in the form of a celestial object - fetched over $141,000. The third jewelery piece based on sketches made by Picasso is a small flat rectangular pendant engraved with the boy's sideface - the artist's son, Claude - was sold for $92,200. The work’s name is just that - “Claude”.

All three pieces, initially estimated at $20,000 previously belonged to a US actress Carole Mallory, who was once engaged to Claude Picasso, noted Gloria Lieberman, vice president of the auction house. “The most remarkable thing is that she was wearing these jewelery pieces until recently, so these three items weren’t created for sale,” said Lieberman.

In total, the “Jewelery Objects” auction in Boston earned about $1.5 million. The auction included other jewelery made of silver, gold and platinum, including pieces decorated with diamonds and rubies.

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