In Zaporozhye region representatives of Euromidan threatened the political opponents and the police with weapons

Several armed people, who tried to impose nationalistic beliefs upon local inhabitants by threatening them, were detained in the village Dolinskoye of Zaporozhye region. The detainees stated that they were participants of self-defense of Kiev Maidan and were vested with authority, up to disarmament of law enforcement officers.

Complaints about unruly participants of Euromidan from the village Dolinskoe were received in Berdyansk department of police on March 13.  The investigation team that arrived to the place of the incident stated that six people were involved in the offense, three of whom were local residents and the rest came from western regions of Ukraine. These people identified themselves as participants of self-defense of Maidan and refused to surrender their weapons. After that they were detained by the police. In the course of the search in the house of one of them policemen confiscated flash bang grenades, a combat gun Astra (caliber 9 mm), an unregistered hunting rifle, about 20 cartridges (caliber 7.62 mm), a large number of ammunition of different calibers, a homemade incendiary device, a flak jacket and defensive ammunition, etc. In addition, several certificates of Self-Defense of Maidan were confiscated as well.

Criminal cases were opened against detainees according to articles hooliganism (article 296, part 4 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) and illegal use of arms, ammunition or explosives (article 263, part 1).

Representatives of regional law enforcement authorities assured that the work on stabilization of the operations situation will be carried out without taking into account political preferences of offenders in future as well.

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