Ukraine withdraws border troops from the Crimea

According to the press-service of the state border service of Ukraine, Ukrainian border guards of maritime guarding in the Crimea leave the peninsula and move to other sub-units.  "The state border service of Ukraine withdraws the personnel of the maritime guarding from the Crimea," the message says.

According to the department, servicemen "are changing the sub-units that were previously redeployed from the Crimea."

Earlier on Tuesday the prime minister, the Supreme Commander in Chief of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov ordered servicemen of the military bases of the armed forces of Ukraine on the territory the peninsula, who did not wish to serve in the army of the Crimea, to submit a report about termination of their contracts. The rest were ordered to join up in the armed forces of the Republic. "For non-fulfillment of this order guilty persons will be brought to criminal responsibility," the text of the order says that was signed in connection with declaration of independence of the Crimea.

Since March 18 the Crimea was officially admitted in the composition of the Russian Federation.

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