What Russia is grateful to the French leader for

Thousands of Russians expressed gratitude to the leader of the National front of France, Marine Le Pen in the form of messages on her Twitter account. Le Pen was one of the first recognized the independence of Crimea.


Russian Internet and mediaproducer Konstantin Rykov posted a phrase «Merci Marine» on the account of the political leader. The phrase during the day have gathered several thousands thanks more from Russians for the support of their country and Crimea.


Earlier in December, 2013, Marine Le Pen, during her visit to Sevastopol voted against the introduction of Ukraine into the European Union.


«First, I think there is no good for Ukraine to enter the European Union. Secondly, I believe, for the EU, there is no sense to continue its expansion, especially at the time of its ruin and collapse,» Le Pen said. She didn’t not change her viewpoint and on Monday 17, March, after the Crimean referendum, she declared that the attaching Crimea to Russia had been an evident phenomenon.


«In my opinion, the results of the referendum do not cause any controversy. This was to be expected. And the people (the Crimea), who lived in fear, ran into the arms of their native country. As you know, Crimea is a part of Ukraine only for 60 years», Agence France-Presse quotes Le Pen.


According to the latest polls, 71% of the French do not want to see Ukraine in the EU, while 64% opposed to provided Ukraine with economic assistance. In Germany such views were also shared, respectively 62% and 57% of respondents.


The protests of the opposition against the nationalists coup in Kyiv made Crimea actually separated from Ukraine. On March 11, the Declaration of independence of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol was signed. On March 17, the day after the referendum when the majority of residents voted for joining to Russia, the President Vladimir Putin signed a Decree on the recognition of the Crimea as independent sovereign Republic. On March 18, Vladimir Putin and leaders of the Crimean Autonomy signed the agreement on joining Crimea and Sevastopol the Russian Federation.

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