«Svoboda» deputies made «First national» channal director resign

Alexander Panteleimonov wrote a letter of resignation. Director of the National television company of Ukraine was forced by the «delegation» of deputies of «Freedom» party that time headed by Igor Miroshnichenko.


Immediately after giving up the post of Director of TV, Alexander Panteleimonov was taken into a car and driven to an unknown direction.


In the office of the National TV company of Ukraine «delegation» broke in the evening, at 19.30. As Panteleimonov was one in the room, the members began to accuse him of lying during the broadcast of events Euromayday. Whole time Panteleimonov was mocked and threatened. Deputies made him sit down hitting on the face and head and gave him a shit of paper to write the resignation application.

The photo shows that Panteleimonov wrote the statement hastily. Because of being scared, former Director of the TV company even wrote incorrect date of dismissal, indicating 2013, then fixing it to 2014.


Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk condemned the actions of the deputies of «Svoboda» Alexander Panteleimon. In the press-service published to the party members a critical message, noting that assession of the management of TV channel, according to the law, was only government’s right.


«Yatsenyuk considers unacceptable in a democratic society such actions of the deputies, trying to solve personnel issues. We wouldn’t do the same», the message stated.

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