In Simferopol provocateurs group shot

In Simferopol provocateurs group shot


Tonight in Simferopol in the Kuban street two military fighters, Crimean self-defense and Ukrainian soldiers, were killed. Two other people - a participant of the self-defense units and Ukrainian military – were wounded. At the place of the accident the investigatory-operative group arrived. During the preliminary investigation it was found that the militaries were aimed at the single point.


Shots were fired from a sniper rifle. According to eyewitnesses, one of the fighters of the self-defense was wounded in the leg, and another when he stooped to help his partner, received a bullet in the back.


On the opposite side of the place the investigators found the body of the Ukrainian soldier warrant Kakurin, who at the time of firing was on the observation tower of the military unit. Obviously, he died first.


Because of the incident, the Ministry of defense of Ukraine allowed soldiers to use weapons.


The identity of those who carried out the provocation was impossible to investigate. According to some reports, at the scene people dressed in the uniform of Russian soldiers were seen. Characteristically, dislocated in Crimea Russian military didn’t have sniper weapons.


Earlier the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia with anxiety mentioned that, according to available information, in one of the Ukrainian factories had an urgent order for production of Russian military uniforms. According to that, Foreign Ministry of Russia has warned about possible provocations on the territory of Ukraine.

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