Crimean students do not have to pass Unified Exam to enter Russian universities

Students graduating this year from Crimean schools and hoping to enter Russian universities do not need to pass the Unified State Examination (USE), said Dmitry Livanov, Russia’s Minister of Education and Science on a briefing on March 18.

“USE will not be mandatory for high school graduates from Crimea as they were taught on different programs. For them, admission to Russian universities will be traditionally organised on the basis of school-leaving exams,” said Dmitry Livanov.

At the same time, those Crimean high-school leavers who decide to enter Ukrainian universities and pass the USE, will be able to do it in a specially organised premises in the major cities of the peninsula - Simferopol, Sevastopol, Feodosia and Kerch.

Dmitry Livanov also stressed that a representative of the Ministry of Education is constantly in the Republic of Crimea and constantly interacts with the leadership of the local Education Ministry on all matters of integration of Crimea education system in the Russian education system.

“All the problems will be resolved in a timely manner,” said Russian Education Minister Dmitry Livanov.

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